Woman with banner over shoulder standing next to combat boot and ERA sign

Women currently serve in every arm of military service. A key question from legislators is would their daughters be drafted into military service if the ERA is passed?  Women can already be drafted without the ERA.  Women have been draft able according to the Constitution since the Revolutionary War, and they have served in many capacities in every U.S. war.  Mindsets are changing about military service, but women who serve still experience discrimination and a military glass ceiling when it comes to promotion. The Pentagon and Selective Service are reviewing their procedures to include women and men.  It is unlikely that we will have another draft.  We are currently an all-volunteer army, and we fight wars remotely with new technologies.  But if there were another draft, and without any help from the ERA, women would continue to serve their country with honor and distinction. A Texas court found that the all-male military draft is unconsititutional in 2019.  Men used their constitutional standing to win this case. Women would have constitutional standing to protect their interests under the ERA.  Read more about the case here: