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we need your help in ensuring the Equal Rights Amendment is ratified in Utah.

As the Utah ERA Coalition, we are busy with events, legislative engagement, coalition meetings and so much more. We would love your help and support—regardless of whether you simply want to follow what we’re doing, give an hour of time, or dig in and take on a project.

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The Equal Rights Amendment was written to protect everyone. Whether you are a mother-at-home, a single adult, a retiree, female, male—it protects us all. Please consider joining the Utah ERA Coalition.


Utah ERA Coalition is a bi-partisan group of 30+ local organizations, national organizations, and hundreds of Utah citizens working for greater equality and fairness. Our mission is to educate Utah citizens about the Equal Rights Amendment and its importance in providing a strong legal foundation for constitutional protection against sex discrimination.  We support the fundamental notion that women and men deserve to be legally protected in all the spaces they occupy — at home, at work, and in the community. Equality, respect, and fairness for all are Utah values.  Through ratification, Utah can uphold the ideal that all men and women across the nation are created equal and deserve constitutional protection under the law.  

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If you are interested in discussing ERA or learning more about ERA, please email and our leadership team will set up a time to meet with you.

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